Before and after: black background in a book shelf

Before and after: black background in a book shelfFirst of all make clear that I am not very keen on the shelves of work , actually except for wardrobes and little else, I tend to like things a little flexible and versatile, you can not move, they have to stay in the same place all the time. But sometimes buy previously owned homes that have things they have not chosen and we have to do is either delete or adapt them to our liking.

The first owner of this house was a fan of the color pink and its combination with the white , this was not the only room painted with these colors obviously pink is not a color that appeals to everyone and is also a color that can to tire, over time you have to touch a change. And one of the most radical is the one that leads us to go from pink to white and black and white.
Before and after: black background in a book shelfIn addition to modifying the number of shelves and the height of separation between them, one of the most important changes in this room is the color, much more modern white contrast with black at the bottom of the shelf, the pink with white above.

The black makes things that we put on the shelf stand out much about it, as most of the surface of the room is painted white, almost light is not lost and the is a place of work very nice, with chairs , lamp and other accessories to match in black and natural wood to clear the table that I love.

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