Bedside shaped house

Bedside shaped houseI think I had a crush, I just love this nightstand I have found in the catalog HusetDo not told me that is not cute. Ideal for any room today, with a casual decor, the table is simple, but at the same time original and funny and they do not reach the ground, just going on the wall so it takes up less space.

Here, we can put together the essentials we need to bed, A clock, some tissues, a book, a glass of water, phone. Well, each place you want, but let’s put it that we put on it will be the most decorative on the wall bedroom and also has a special trick for the placement of books, I show you below.
Bedside shaped houseThe book header place it directly on the roof, Open the page you are reading, so no need to mark pages and we just have to grab it and leave it up to continue reading, even looks good as well, because this book when we change, we change the color of the roof and the appearance of the table. It’s a funny thing.

If anyone is interested, I will tell you that the price is around one hundred euros, but even I would say that someone a little hand can make itself with half a dozen tables, well then we can paint it in color to our taste, or add another shelf in the center.

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