Bean bags filled with hay to give it a more rustic home

Bean bags filled with hay to give it a more rustic homeI know many people appreciate a certain air rustic decor and are constantly looking at options to return home to the comforts of town. To all those people will love to take home some beanbags filled with hay like the ones you have on these lines are lined vinyl shows its interior.

I do not know if this is a step fashion ecological and sustainable but the truth is that a priori the idea I’m not convinced much Really. The collection includes armchairs and poufs called Hey and is an invention of Fabio Percio and cost from 314 euros each.

What I like is the brown bow, but if I tell you the truth I do not see either in my room or any of my rooms. In fact, the only environment where I would be in an attic cuadraría where there is also a hammock, but neither would be there very confident, not to mention how uncomfortable it must be sitting long hours in summer in an area of vinyl. What you do you like?

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