Bath Gloobo

Bath GlooboGloobo is an infant bathtub that can be used in different ways depending on the chosen composition that integrates seamlessly into existing bathrooms.

Gloobo is a tub-changer who aims to provide the baby and parents when bathing. Each and every one of the components of this product stand out for their aesthetic impact, but all of them hide a great functionality. The changing table is the flat surface on which we can dry out or change the baby after the bath. A stable, broad and subject to the sidewalls.
Bath GlooboThe bucket is a continuous surface with a retro hiding form and sophisticated solutions. The color of the tub contrasting color changer, which comes in several colors. The tub is supported on metal legs that fold in a simple way to keep the tub in a small space like that is behind the door.

The bath is complemented by various accessories who complement the bath time: towel, bag, cosmetic bag.

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