“Basketball Lights”: David Trubridge back with a new collection

Basketball LightsThere is a Maori creation myth in which the gods have given human beings three baskets containing the skills needed to live on Earth. They contain the knowledge of the natural world Arounui Kete (the bamboo basket), the spiritual world Tuaatea Kete (the basket polycarbonate) and our rational world Tuauri Kete (the basket aluminum).
Basketball LightsThe knowledge must be in balance to allow us to live in harmony on Earth. The LED light source is an efficient and long lasting. So, somewhere between mythology and contemporary, the designer from New Zealand David Trubridge (We had already spoken of his “Coral”) Explains his new collection.
Basketball LightsHanging lamps in the shape of baskets that long, dark, project dates from the three different plots that characterize each pattern. Great atmosphere and a different idea and harmonious lighting environments.

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