Bar table and outdoor furniture, two in one

Bar table and outdoor furniture, two in oneWe still enjoy summer, but some days it rains or the temperatures drop, it is not time for collectables, September still going to give us a lot of days in which to enjoy good times outdoors, so we can still keep thinking in furniture help us maximize space exterior East Keter which is a two in one, table and bar in one piece.

This is a table that can be center or auxiliary, whose top surface is height adjustable, if we move up the base there is space for bottles with ice, as if a great bucket they were not much space and were very functional, saves you from having to walk in and out to get drinks in the refrigerator and keeps it cold for a long time in a convenient and simple.

Moreover, although the furniture is intended for use in the garden on the terrace, there is nothing that could not equally in the interior the house design is discreet enough to not be difficult to include in the room or dining room and there we can be helpful, although in this case is mostly as a table. It is therefore one of this versatile furniture for which there is always a gap and that always takes advantage of them.

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