Back to the past, a lamp torch

Back to the past, a lamp torchThe torch so to speak, because in reality lamp torch is little more than form, in the end I think I liked the cable in pink. I’m tired of white and black wires, and I love these modern lamps wired in bright colors.

Returning to the subject of the torch if it were real would not be bad, remember that the advantage of the torch is that you can lead lit from one place to another, perfect to go into the bedroom from the living room at night when we go to bed without turning on the hall light, clear that it would need a battery or a rechargeable battery, not a plug.
Back to the past, a lamp torchHowever, the lamp can also be placed on any supported surface In fact may take even several positions Because the supports can be moved and rotated to suit the particular installation you want to. The lamp is so simple that it is very nice to those like me who enjoyed the basic designs.

It is true that when transport from one place to another, is more comfortable to move than other lamps, so we have it in the lounge or on the desk during the day and take it to the nightstand beside the bed at night, but made to order, ideally a degree of autonomy that would allow, to transport the illuminating bulb.

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