AZdesk, writing for children with a fun magnetic board

AZdeskThe desk is one of the key elements in the room of the children Need a place to do their homework in comfort, as well as adults need a comfortable working desk. However, while they are young, we can choose for them something a little more funny That allows to combine study with games and having a cheerful design to make it more attractive for children.

It is necessary that the board is comfortable, so they can spend it as long as necessary and develop their duties well, but that goes against that is joyful and modern AZdesk is a good example of this is a versatile table with its seat, which has a built- slate magnetic in which children can make fun with magnet’s compositions of colors.

The part of the desk surface can be raised so that the slate is at the back to be totally accessible to the child standing, there is also a smaller board when the board is being used, the area is can also serve to support a book or a notebook that the child wants to consult.

The set is perfectly ergonomic although it should be noted that little is for children age, is the first desktop in a few years will have suit for the larger, but even then can still be used as slate, in that use is larger suitable even for adults.

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