Axa has 138 accessories for the bathroom sculpture

Axa accessories for bathroomProtrude directly from the wall at an angle of 138 ° sinks, toilets and bidets line accessories bath that takes its name from this measure, designed by Roman Adolini for Axa.
Axa accessories for bathroomWith a generous basin, the basin 138 is particularly convenient Axa despite the minimum measures (40, 50 and 60 × 40 cm deep) with or without support in the area of ​​plumbing fixtures, available in the solution suspended (h 52 cm) or soprapiano ( h 20 cm).
Axa accessories for bathroomParticularly sculptural and original version in which the basin has a second bearing ceramic part-hiding beneath the floor that the siphon-life to a “unique” to great effect.

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