Arola Black & White

Arola Black & WhiteRamon Soler launches one of his latest creations: Black & White Arola, betting on the latest trends that are colored faucets. The colors offered are based on the eternal opposites that have always attracted, black and white.

The proposal is perfect to play with contrasts. Combine black and white allows us to create a visual effect of cleanliness and elegance in bath.
Arola Black & WhiteAnother option we allow color faucets is getting the total integration of the taps in the bathroom. This faucet will choose the color of the same color as the sink. White Arola has a matte white finish and cutting-edge  Arola Black provide an elegant black color.

Black & White belongs to the collection signed by the designer Antoni Arola Who is committed to creating sustainable design fittings designed to save natural resources.

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