Another animal-shaped furniture, table bear

Another animal-shaped furniture, table bearIt took me many days without meeting any piece of furniture again form of animal and began to wonder, but at last came one of the most impressive I’ve seen so far, Bear Table Obviously is his name bear table The image leaves no doubt.

Funny how despite being the bear a very dangerous animal, they often associate it with the tenderness and such feelings, cartoons and stuffed animals have much to do with it. This time, tender or not, which is represented in this table is the force In fact the basis of the table is almost a sculpture, and she supports the surface.

And here’s all very well, but, of colors to choose, that’s another story. You have to see them.
Another animal-shaped furniture, table bearWith the theme of wood, even with some highlights and that everything was fine, but it turns out the creators of this table have come up with innovative … for my taste too, and have been giving us option’s color to choose from, we have designed the table red As you see on these lines and also blue. You can imagine!

I think maybe if it were a piece of furniture small Or more abstract Could be, but with these dimensions and the realism of a bear, I try to enter the cheerful color in this case, it seems a mistake, do not know if you will agree with me, can you imagine the big red bear or blue in your dining room?

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