An impressive collection of animal-shaped chairs

animal-shaped chairsThey are actually much more than chairs, Are masterpieces of sculpture The realism with which it has managed to represent the animals is impressive, Walrus, octopus, rhinoceros … and that for now, it seems that the collection of Maximo Riera be completed with whales, lions and other animals.
animal-shaped chairsThe pieces almost exclusive think there will be only about twenty copies of each chair, so we can get an idea of ​​how high is your price, Sure we will not see many of these in our homes, or those of family and friends, but we may have the opportunity to sit somewhere in a restaurant or a hotel.

Peculiar designs do not fit into any space, but were publicly to the sale to a wider audience, would not have much success, clearly I have no space for a rhinoceros as the one in the image on these lines in my room and I guess that many of you will do the same.
animal-shaped chairsStriking addition to the color, Who chairs have been created entirely in black, gives them a more elegant if possible, and also adds that those who already have tried it say they are also very comfortable and soft, the sculpture is only in the back, past the chair is very sturdy and comfortable.

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