Alessi Neapolitan coffee maker 90018 for enjoying a coffee design

Alessi Neapolitan coffee maker 90018I must admit I cannot  imagine a morning without coffee, coffee activated me and gives me encouragement to start the day with energy. I must also admit that I do not usually pay much attention to the design of the coffee and what do I care about is coffee that is rich, but the truth is that I won this coffee maker, Alessi Neapolitan 90018 even before trying to use.

Capable six cups, Have in your design Alessi was building up for years to get to what you have on these lines. I think a hybrid between a samovar and an oil of a lifetime, but I cannot  stop staring at her. It is made steel with walnut handle Canaletto, so I assume that will last many years.

The downside of this coffee is the price, it goes up to 321 euros so if I ask myself, I do not buy it just to make nice on the shelf. The mokas Italian life also made great coffee and, while not as flashy, at least we saved enough money to buy coffee one year.

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