Accessories Karim Rashid for the desktop

Accessories Karim Rashid for the desktopThe accessories of the desk are among my favorite add-ones for home and office, at some point have been for me almost a vice, now I have so many, I have slowed down the pace of purchase, and Karim Rashid is one of my designers preferred, so he designed this collection of tools for the workbench has fascinated me.

Pity that only consists of two pieces, dispenser of tape and paper for notes, I wish I had more things to have a more complete game, but something is started, are designs for signature 3M and are available in several colors The forms are simple curves, as is characteristic of the proposals of the designer.

They are small pieces, modern and easy to integrate into a study desk or work home or office Both youth and adults, we buy for ourselves, but can also be a gift perfect, I know that these tools are to the liking of many people, not just mine and they are all practical things that we usually use.

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