Accessories for the desktop board

Accessories for the desktop boardI always thought that whiteboards White is written in pen, have been much less charming than the traditional black-on we write with chalk But acknowledge that they have the disadvantage of releasing a lot of dust, which means you have to clean the area in which they are often, but if we do not write much, why not be a problem.

In this case finished in slate has been used to manufacture accessories of desk, Boxes, filing cabinets, storage containers and organizers for various useful … The idea is that we can write on the blackboard. What is inside each object, and that especially in the case of boxes and archives is very convenient if we do in normal cardboard with permanent marker, and never deleted and cannot  change it on the blackboard and chalk itself?

In addition to the practical question of you can change the contents of a container and the name written on the surface, whenever we want, in addition to my desk accessories these, I found particularly beautiful, I love the color black And simplicity in design, an elegant and original way to keep a table well-ordered work.

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