ABC Saporiti shelving talks

ABC Saporiti shelving talksDesign Roberto Saporiti and Eva Alessandrini, this shelving  represents not only the alphabet but more is formed by separate cubes, so that we can unite in the number you want to set the total shelf and in each of these bins, depending on how we place the divisions, we can represent a letter or number.

ABC is therefore a alphanumeric shelf communicating, we can talk and say phrases or words, I’ve always been fascinated by the decor letters and words, whether in murals on the wall, as if integrated into their own furniture and in this case being the modular bookshelf, I think can give much play.

In the room of childrenYou can put a shelf on which you can read the name, even thinking, not only in homes but also in companies and officesCan be written on the shelf the company name, or that of a representative product of the activity itself. Of course what is left over ideas, the case is to have space to place it in a place that can be read clearly.

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