A whole house wood, glass and landscape

whole house wood designThese are the ingredients of a CAS family on the Central Coast of Australia. Asymmetric and fluid architecture that blends with the surrounding nature. Where rooms without walls stretch out towards the green and the ocean.

The suggestion in the form of aphorism would be none other than Le Corbusier. True or not, of course, and that Virginia Kerridge, Popular Australian architect, subscribe. And the grand simplicity of this house is the confirmation. We Wamberal, Coastal town an hour and a half drive north of Sydney, nestled between the lagoon and the beach on one side and parks, forests and other reserves.
whole house wood designA seductive simplicity of the decor, which blends custom furniture and pieces of classic design. Simple and elegant, the living area occupies an entire level of the villa. Organized as open space, brings together living, dining area and kitchen. The atmosphere should be relaxed furnishings: a pleasant mix of tailored pieces and classic design, among which the coffee table of Isamu Noguchi Wishbone and the chairs of Hans Wegner.
whole house wood designAnd ‘this luxury were the designer has devoted his attention: the pleasure of the natural and the idea of ​​building a pavilion, where the integration between interior and exterior was complete, the asymmetry of the forms and the fluidity volumes, which expand and contract in harmony with their surroundings, are the elements upon which aimed to create an architecture that lives and breathes to the rhythm of nature and the moods of its inhabitants. Now reveal expansive and exuberant, as in the large living area open to the ocean, now reflective and introspective, as in the quiet garden, almost a world apart, sociable and extroverted to return in the wide green spaces that surround it and put it in contact with the neighboring properties and public areas.

The ocean, the cliffs that form the inlets along the coast, the lush vegetations are the real protagonists of the house.

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