A table with built-in dishwasher

A table with built-in dishwasherWhen we watched films set for years in the future or we thought life would be like in a two thousand odd, like the one beginning today, for example, among other things imagined flying cars, highways in the air, robots almost human qualities and appliances that would make life easier in many ways, not everything is fulfilled, but if there is good progress in technology has over the past couple of decades.

Today I found a proposal François de Martrin to Electrolux consisting of a table with dishwasher incorporatedOne hand has the advantage of saving in the kitchen space the dishwasher should occupy, which thus is located in the center of the table in the kitchen or dining room, on the other hand is comfortable because we have to stand up to wear and bring the dishes are washed and because it seems the keeps them warm for use if we want.

I guess it’s one of those things in the process of testing is possible or even likely, that we did not see any house, but I always like to have innovation in such issues, although many of the proposals do not end up on the market, some do they do and that is the way forward and progress. Certainly there are some inventions or impractical to solve a problem generated by several others, but among them there are also really useful inventions.

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