A stylish pen for chicken’s urbanites

A stylish pen for chicken's urbanitesOne of the things I envied my friends at school was that many of them were going to spend some weekends and summer vacations in the village, where he always returned with anecdotes about farm animals -Some a bit tricky. I could not enjoy in the comfortable house of my grandmother.

Probably, if my childhood had been closer to chickens, rabbits, pigs and others, not so this fascinated me, a stylish pen for chicken’s urbanites would allow me to have a mini farm with which to enjoy fresh eggs every morning without the design of my terrace or garden-resented a bit. The idea occurred to Matthew Hayward Engineer and designer of furniture, when he realized that his friends could find a chicken that would fit with the decor of the terraces.

The Nogg, Which is the name of the invention is made of cedar wood, which is perfect given its antibacterial and smell fresh, and the egg shape is perfect to refer to its function. The only downside is that is manufactured to order and price, two thousand and euros, given to buy eggs for a long  time.

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