A single lamp, with multiple possible positions

A single lamp, with multiple possible positionsAt first, it may seem a bit absurd that the same lamp can be placed resting on the surface or hanging from the ceiling according to circumstances, and that position can be easily changed, but in reality is not so. For example, on my desk sometimes I like low lighting directly over the paper I’m writing and sometimes from above, hence the flexor desktop phone with an extensible arm forever.

Also in the room near the sofa, if you want to read more you need a light that shines up the book you’re reading, but if you are simply relaxing in the living room, looking for an indirect lighting that can go below, for example a lamp supported on a side table. The case is that their lamps allowing us to enjoy all the options around the same time.
A single lamp, with multiple possible positionsStating that the design of these is that I love, a true retro feel and the mixture of metal lacquered wood … I think he would prefer something more modern, plastic substrates such as heat resistant materials today with next-generation designs are available my opinion more attractive, but what matters is the idea.

The lamps have support and also with a mechanism pulley can hang up, raise, lower … so we can hang the chandelier and let it free, anchor in a wall bracket or placed on a table or directly on the floor, all positions and orientations to receive the light are possible and that flexibility the great thing about this invention.

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