A replica of the house of Carl and Ellie in “Up”

A replica of the house of Carl and Ellie in "Up"A few months ago we all got surprised with Up’s house come true thanks to a National Geographic documentary in which he managed to fly a small house with helium balloons. But today I bring you a replica of the house of Carl and Ellie in “Up”, Which is clavadita the film even has balloons (although it can not fly).

This crazy idea to have the guys Bargento, an American construction company, why not surprise me, who has devoted much time and effort try to reproduce every detail of the housing. They say, have seen the movie many times for information and have even been in contact with Pixar, which also are happy to help with the house.

The video can be viewed as the house is not only identical on the outside, but has also recreated the interior inspired by the movie From the design of the kitchen to the lounge where you can see the design on the painted chimney Ellie not to forget his dream of traveling to Niagara Paradise.

The house, about 185 square meters and the ability to be decorated with furniture-like film, is on sale for about a quarter of a million euros. Maybe a little expensive, but certainly more than one would love to live in the home of Carl and Ellie in “Up”.

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