A mirror with discreet storage compartments

A mirror with discreet storage compartmentsThe mirror is one of the basic in the decor of any home, useful and even necessary complement in some rooms of the house, mainly in the bath and the bedroom But can also find the place in other environments. In addition to being functional because it reflects our image, provides brightness and depth to the space, if also can be used to storage will have been even more added value.
A mirror with discreet storage compartmentsI loved this style mirror modern one hand has three small drawers and the other from a hanger with several hooks, both drawers as the hanger, Are hidden in the back of the mirror, but can be removed to put on and take things from them, necklaces, bracelets and small accessories are the best objects that can be stored in these compartment’s storage.
A mirror with discreet storage compartmentsThere are several models with drawers or white colors, but all the idea is the same, if we look we see nothing in front of a mirror design simple, but with some depth and from the side from which you see and can use those small spaces to store items, plus I see very nice practical and do not take too much, especially if it is hung on a cabinet or the bathroom sink, the depth of the mirror is no problem.

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