A lamp with a giraffe

A lamp with a giraffeThe figure giraffe is always used in decoration, That of many animals, but the giraffe’s especially, are very common in many houses the classrooms sculptures ethnic shaped giraffes, come in many sizes, some over two feet high, as useless as pretty, but I am fascinated.

Something more practical to take the shape of the giraffe to make an object functionalFor example a lamp, but perhaps could also be a coat rack … back to the lamp that is what concerns us here, what has been done is take the body of the giraffe in particular the height of his neck, to put the screen about it.

It’s a little weird to suppress head the animal, and maybe if I’d rather be maintained, we should find ways and also looks good, but even without it I like this design. And on second thought, with somewhat lower neck and other designs may well represent other an evilI say if someone does not like the giraffe, I do not think.

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