A good way to store high heels

A good way to store high heelsA few days ago we saw an example of how to store a lot of shoes on a board, as a way expose the shoes and keep it handy. The idea was simple, a surface with several metal rods held the shoe, which was exposed as a showcase. Today we see an intelligent evolution of that work, suitable only for high heels and thin.

The concept is different than previously seen because it is not proposed as a speaker itself, but rather about power shoe store building on a dead spaceAs the side of a cabinet that abuts a wall. This has been placed several counter tops attached to the side, so that enough space to place shoes entering the thin heels. The pieces are in perfect magazine, without deformation on the instep, and ready to run when needed.

It is a very good solution for closets, unused holes, or shoe cabinets in which you want to take all the space, it can be placed inside the doors.

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