A good or bad idea? Close shelf

A good or bad idea? Close shelfSometimes the cure is worse than the disease, cover a shelf may have certain advantages, but depending on how the cover ourselves,  maybe that means losing an aesthetic quality. The advantages of covering a shelf are, on the one hand, not having to maintain the order of what’s on the shelves, since it is not in sight and avoid or minimize what those things are dirty, to be covered.

However, shelving open have their beauty and help create a sense of home, if not so, only buy consoles sideboards and closed for storage. The shelves is used to store books and other objects, and to place embellishments like frames with photos, decorative figures, plants and vases of flowers, which is exactly what we want to become visible.

The shelving of the image is called Folio and design Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons,  there is available in several styles and colors, but I say that my idea does not quite convince me, if I want something hidden, I buy a closed cabinet, when I buy a shelf is precisely because I want you to put there, the air and left visible.

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