A good idea: draw on the wall with ropes

A good idea: draw on the wall with ropesI love crafts, although the picture is not one of the gifts I have. Yes, I confess: I have always been better at writing than drawing (and thank goodness because if I get to make a living drawing sure I would have starved long ago). The fact is that I attract a lot this type of arrangement at home, as wire tree that I taught earlier this year. In this case, I propose several drawings with strings to brighten any room in a tactful manner.

This time decorating with strings is more complicated to the tree earlier post, but I will go to deny that the result is spectacular, especially the image of “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” a wonder for the few means by which it is made. As in the previous case, here the key is the placement of the pins or pins that will give us the external form of the artwork you want to play.

However, imagine this decoration is a trick, And sold some pattern’s type “connects the dots” with its pretty easy to reproduce these pictures on any wall that we propose, if we have the thread, pins and patience to follow instructions (And the skill to which we are not dropping the bar). The first step is to place the pattern on the wall lined with either a standard or by eye (I vote for the level and then not complain).

The following should be placing tacks, pins or nails But in an explanatory video that you have in these lines, we recommend nails, with a lot of patience not to leave us any behind. Then you have to follow the lines in the order that we establish with numbers, taking care of us and finally taut enough to run behind the blade to have our own table.

The examples in the drawings are made with white thread but can be made with any color you like, or if you are combining several crafty enough. Best of all, these patterns, which are sold at the online store Mo Man Tai, sold about 7 euros to change. Another thing I suggest is that the nails pintéis color of the yarn or the wall to enhance the effect. What no longer seems so difficult you drawing on the wall with ropes?

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