A good idea: box shelves

A good idea: box shelvesAlthough I would have chosen other colors and other design, the idea that shelf fold on the wall a table motif that could serve as seems good to me at home do not always need the same number of shelves, sometimes they give us borrow books or put flowers in a vase, sometimes there is free space, or at the entrance of the house, Sometimes we want to support mail or keys, but many have nothing to settle.

For those that this will happen at home, I mean with a rack that does not always use the idea of ​​the shelf folding, Perhaps we might also find interesting. It’s actually something that has already been seen with other folding furniture, furniture on the wall do not take anything, and if it is well furnished and decorated, place it still is a better option.

The installation is not more complicated than a normal shelf, nor the maintenance and cleaning, in contrast, is closed while the shelf is less messy, and also has the advantage of disappear, Which does not happen in conventional, especially in small spaces, close to the shelf when we are not using will be a great relief, or to display the picture … depending on how you look.

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