A good idea: auxiliary armrests

A good idea: auxiliary armrestsThe supports arms I think a key part in seating Perhaps not as much as support, which is even more important and its absence, the biggest drawback of the stools, but also some relevance for our convenience, so I thought it was a good idea have one auxiliary that we attach to seats that do not.

The proposal is Peter Marigold And we see in the picture, is a structure wheels which has a horizontal part on which to rest your arm to sit and lie has also added a handy magazine in which to place books or magazines. Maybe he could get a little better aesthetics, but conceptually the idea is good.
A good idea: auxiliary armrestsThe image on these lines we can see is the arm rest once you add the seat, height is optimal to place the arm in comfort, we can put one or two, one on each side of the seat. Maybe wheels are unnecessary, make it very cumbersome base and really should not be too heavy to move without them.

You can also change the color the rack or have the whole wood to be more uniform, of course that also depends on style and material manufacture of the seats with which we will attach it. In short, we are left with the merits, the idea and then everyone to choose materials and colors that you like.

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