A golden hall alligator

A golden hall alligatorAs they say, for taste There’s no accounting for taste and colors, And this set of loungeWith the proper name ‘Touched by Midas’ for parts of his collection for lovers of gold in all its glory. Mind you I do not dislike him, but far from my house, say that furniture gold of alligator not go well with my style.

As you can see the collection of Philipp PleinIncludes sofa, armchair, coffee table, side table and lamp screen. Maybe if they were just tables and lamp, for example with chocolate brown sofas, I would like more, but every bit as golden as well, I see a bit excessive, but surely there is some celebrity you buy the set for their upscale salon.

Some time ago there was an attempt to introduce silver furniture and upholstery, both in classrooms and in dorms and did not work. I do not think it is intended that the gold becomes a habit, but I get the impression that this room is a claim designed to capture attention, a lot of sales-oriented product.

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