A giraffe, furniture perfect for the hall

A giraffe, furniture perfect for the hallWhat we need in the receiver a house is basically a hanger or rack, shelf, small shelving or a drawer and umbrella stand The three elements can be combined in one cabinet, this shaped giraffe is a good example, it is true that we need an entry with enough height for you to slip giraffe in it, but in that sense, I do not think there is a problem.

The giraffe does with his body as a small console, with some floor space and up to drawer, Ideal for storing keys or mail, below are the legs, one of which serves as umbrella stand And at the top in the giraffe’s head have the hanger. The furniture is original and fun and is available in several colors Red, yellow, brown, white

The only downside I see is that the size it is, has the little capacity am referring to the umbrella stand is very narrow, to save only an umbrella, and also has a single hanger hook for one or at most two coats and clear, with everything at hand, I would expect something more useful perhaps also add another leg umbrella stand or Wide and have more hangers, albeit optional, would be a good idea.

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