A coffee table with hidden compartments

A coffee table with hidden compartmentsA good way to convince us of the need to incorporate lounge a coffee table, Is to multiply your functionality If the table has more than a useful lower surface, we may see more clearly the interest of joining the living room, I say this because I know there are people who think it’s better without it, my opinion is otherwise although I agree it can change its location and instead placing it into the center of the room, it is possible locate on one side, near the end of a sofa.

The point is that you see in the picture I liked it, because panels we see that the form in black and chocolate brown, mobile, slide relative to each other and have holes of different sizes, hidden compartments to storage small objects. A couple of pens, paper handkerchiefs, the remote TV … there is always something to keep it’s okay to have been on hand.
A coffee table with hidden compartmentsAfter opening the table can be used a lot of ways, in surface above we have always the same, or a lamp and some books as seen in the image, or some flowers, a decorative center, an ashtray … well, everyone put the ornaments and elements you need or that you like.

In spaces lower panel, there may be things stored or not, can also be used to place cups or bowls of snacks, can be very handy when friends come home, to serve and placed on the table what each wants to take with table open We will have more space available.

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