A chemical – Details for the kitchen

A chemical - Details for the kitchenSara Ivany shows us a new proposal fruiterer very original and perfect for decorating the kitchen or dining room of a chemicalCourse or there are many chemicals between designers of furniture and home accessories or scientific discipline that attracts much curiosity among them, because there are plenty details for home inspired chemistry.

This time it is obvious that the fruit bowl-shaped moleculeIt seems that is based on the molecule of citric acid, although I have my doubts in that regard, if so the designer has made a very free interpretation of it … But that’s not important, the atoms and links are well represented and lovers of chemistry that we already funny.

The fruiterer can be made larger or smaller, since several modules can be attached or placed one, the only drawback I see him, and functional level, is that it takes too space for fruit which leaves us to place a standard orchard has much more capacity, that’s certain, but if anyone has the quirk of having a large molecule full of apples in your kitchen, you can.

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