A chair to practice Tai Chi

A chair to practice Tai ChiThis is the foundation of the chair Tai Chi ChuanThat which allows to combine in a single cabinet which corresponds to the normal functions of a seat and the option to practice the classic postures Tai Chi, Ancient Chinese discipline, which today also has many followers in the West, not whether it will be really good for us to have a seat and hand, but I’m sure is not bad.

There are actually two models chair and I suppose you can design some more, the idea is a student and it seems that so far no one has marketed it, but I think if you sold cheaply enough people buy it, healthy habits are good by definition and Tai Chi also has been fashionable, Stating that I think good idea to put healthy things fashion.

I hope if you ever sell the chair, Is accompanied with instructions clear how to use it, because such positions are not as simple as it might seem at first sight and if done wrong can have the opposite effect, could result in injury, tendinitis … So first and foremost care and information.

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