A carpet with small LED lights

A carpet with small LED lightsThis carpet Or carpet, because there are actually several models, we see in the images are a design Yvonne Laurys and Erik Tablecloth to Lama Concept, This modern luxury carpet for several reasons, one because they are made with pure wool one hundred percent and another because they have small interspersed LEDs that light in the dark.

As we can see carpet there is available in countless colors and of course we can choose shapes and sizesOne of the most interesting addition to the issue of LEDs is that because the carpet is composed of linear pieces that fit together, ie, pieces elongated, if one or a few are damaged can be replaced by others and not have to buy a new carpet.

There is no doubt that LEDs have revolutionized the field of lighting and the overall decor, as they have allowed us to include points of light in places where previously it was unthinkable to have them, for example in a carpetThe size is so small it almost unnoticeable and yet lit create a very interesting and enjoyable.

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