A bed for kids, a giant teddy bear

A bed for kids, a giant teddy bearThe teddy bear is one of the classics to children always like a timeless companion, who loved the little thirty years ago or more and continues to make happy now, surely most of you have ever hugged a teddy bear, although some now do not wish to recognize and bigger is better.

I remember with particular joy’s birthday in which I was given a giant teddy bear that was more or less my size and occupied both in the room that housed the two rarely, that did not serve merely as decoration or to play, but today I teach is so large that it is intended to be used as bed, Yes, in winter because in summer with that hair must give a terrible heat.

If not as a bed, can be like sofa or ‘pad’For games, the fact is certain that the children of the house will love having the presence of a bear and in his room, costs about five hundred euros and is heavy for sin I can move, but it is so so cute and smiling, I think it might be worth.

To order this bear, you can follow this link below:
Jumbo Minky Jumbo Teddy Bear

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