3D decoration on the wall of a child’s bedroom

3D decoration on the wall of a child's bedroomThe murals are one of the best options for decorating walls in the room’s children and in the playroom, it seemed an excellent idea to incorporate them tridimensional detail, using 3D That may not be as suitable for adults or spaces when the surface to be decorated is very wide, does yield great value in this case.

Everyone knows the story printed illustrations characters and decorations that appear in three dimensions when opened, are among the favorites of the smaller, to some extent the mural in the nursery is the setting for their entertainment, the environment in which to let your imagination to invent stories and share games with friends, we ourselves can make shapes in three dimensions to be placed on the mural. It’s not complicated.

We just need some card’s color, a scissors, glue, Will and some patience to go to cut pieces of desired shapes and sizes, join each other and placed on the wall in the area concerned. The picture shows a simple example and very attractive, both balloons as the clouds are easy to make and are excellent as well give us an idea of ​​how to make the representation of other figures.

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